Magento 2 Flex Shipping Module


Give your customers a Flex Shipping option. Ensure that no matter how complex your customer’s needs are, you are able to offer them a custom shipping carrier and rate.

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Offer your customers a flexible shipping method when creating an order from the admin. This can be used to create custom shipping orders because one size does not always fit all. Once you receive customer orders with Flex Shipping selected as the shipping method, you can use our detailed shipping order creator to generate an order for them with a custom rate and shipping carrier. Use the Sharplogicians Flex Shipping extension for Magento to ensure that no matter how complex your customer’s needs are, you are able to ship straight to them with the right price and the right service provider.

For example, if your store is used by wholesalers buying their stock from you, it isn’t always ideal or even possible to ship their orders using the standard shipping methods and shipping rates. Using the Sharplogicians Flex Shipping Extension for Magento, it is possible to provide such customers with customized shipping providers and rates to ensure that the order is processed smoothly and correctly.

Business Value

You are able to serve a wide variety of customers and sell products to those who would otherwise not be able to shop using your store with ease if your existing shipping methods did not work for them. Using customized shipping orders also avoids having to cancel orders that may be placed and cannot be fulfilled using the available default shipping choices.

Feature Highlights

Simplicity & Ease-Of-Use

We believe that complex solutions should be easy to execute. As such, you can easily toggle the extension on/off and configure it fully using your Magento control panel. Once switched on, our easy-to-use forms can be quickly filled in to minimize the time between a customer placing an order and the order being ready to ship.

Custom Shipping Method

Give your customers a custom shipping option – called ‘Flex Shipping’ by default – so that no matter how unusual their order may be, you can cater to them. Ideal for those irregular orders by regular consumers or large orders by wholesalers and retail partners, the Flex Shipping option allows you to set the terms of their shipping.

Flex Shipping

Pick your own name for the custom shipping option.By default, this is called ‘Flex Shipping’, but we give you the option to name it what you’d like to keep branding consistent throughout all of your platforms.

Set A Notification For Flex Shipping Customers

Build a default notification that lets your customers know that they will have to contact you to arrange shipping to ensure that you are providing them with accurate information. Use our handy editor tool to write the most effective notification message for your customers.

Choose Your Own Shipping Carriers

Not all customers and not all orders can be catered to by the same carrier. With the Sharplogicians Flex Shipping extension for Magento, you have the flexibility to define your own custom shipping carriers for each order. This ensures that larger or more complex orders are written down to be shipped by carriers that can cater to your requirements, and that you can define the correct price for them.

Personalized Shipping Orders

Never have to edit a default generated shipping order again. Once an order is received, create personalized shipping orders with rates and carriers set by yourself. Generate the full invoice and send it through to the customer to complete their order and have it on the way.


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