Magento 2 Low Stock Alert Module


Never turn away another customer because of product unavailability. Ensure that your team is able to restock anything running out promptly, by regularly informing them of any of your products reaching low stock.

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Never let your customers down again due to unavailability of stock with the Sharplogicians Low Stock Alert extension for Magento. Use this extension to make key decision makers receive notifications via email when the stock levels for your products drop below a certain number. Be fully in control with the ability to define your own minimum stock levels, enable the extension as and when you like, and set whether emails only notify you of products at minimum stock level or below minimum stock.

For example, as soon as one of your products drops below your chosen minimum stock level, everyone on your notification list will receive an email – based on the template which you have chosen – informing if said product is either at minimum stock level or if it has fallen below that.

Business Value

Effective stocktaking and managing systems are the most important part of running your store, and the SharpLogicians Low Stock Alert extension for Module can be a key factor in keeping your virtual aisles filled up to the perfect level for your business. Ensure that you aren’t losing out on any business because of a lack of stock availability with this extension, and make the whole process easier by notifying all the right people at a fixed time daily.


  • Use it when your business needs it most: With the simple toggle on/off function in the control panel, you are able to enable emails as and when you need. Switch it off on Fridays to treat your staff to an email-free weekend.
  • Email notifications to multiple emails: Add the emails of as many people as it is in your business that need to be made aware of low stock levels, saving yourself the extra step of having to forward the notification on to the relevant people and streamlining your processes. The quicker the right people are made aware of low stock levels, the sooner your virtual shelves can be stocked up.
  • Choose between the most useful email templates for your business: Choose the best email template for you and your team to make sure that the message is delivered clearly to minimise any delays stemming from confusion.
  • Set your own minimum stock level: Define the ideal minimum stock levels for your products so that you receive a notification when you most need it.
  • Pick the best time for your stock to be taken: Stocktaking and any emails will be sent out at a time of your choosing.


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