Magento 2 Maintenance Module


Show your customers a custom maintenance page, instead of the default Magento page, ensuring that your branding is consistent throughout your platforms & that your message is delivered in a smooth & professional fashion.

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This Maintenance extension for Magento allows you to show your customers a custom maintenance page instead of the default Magento maintenance page.  This ensures your branding is consistent throughout all your platforms and that your message is delivered in a smooth and professional fashion to your customers. On the development side, our extension allows you to freely enable or disable access to a list of people that you determine either directly through their station or remotely.

For example, during times of periodic maintenance or otherwise unscheduled maintenance to the store, access to the website or specific sections of the website need to be restricted to the developers alone. And the customers need to be presented with a brief yet informative landing page that lets them know that the website is under maintenance. The Sharplogicians Maintenance extension for Magento comes into play in such a scenario, allowing you to design your own custom maintenance page and deploy it as necessary.

Key Features

  • Personalized Interface: With the Sharplogicians Maintenance extension for Magento, you are able to provide a completely custom maintenance page without having to enable to default maintenance mode of Magento, allowing for a more seamless branding experience for you and your customers across all platforms.
  • Easy Editing: Your maintenance page can be personalized with convenience using a simple editor from which your own content can be added and edited.
  • Extensive Customizability for Advanced Users: For those users wanting to further customize their maintenance pages, it is possible to add custom CSS files to fine tune their page.
  • Total Access Control and Flexibility: Access to your page is fully flexible, allowing you to cater to your evolving working needs. The Sharplogicians Maintenance extension for Magento can allow access to your website from your choice of whitelisted IPs, giving you direct hassle-free access through certain stations or can be configured to allow access through preset credentials, giving you the flexibility to hot desk from anywhere in the world.

Business Value

Having a personal maintenance page, as opposed to using the default Magento page or otherwise no page at all, provides a much more seamless experience to the customers who are able to get a clear answer as to why they are unable to access the store. This significantly increases the changes that the customers will return, rather than making an assumption about the website being down or that the link they followed was broken; therefore, the chances of any potential business being lost are decreased and it upholds the professional image of the business.


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