Magento 2 Payment & Shipping Restrictions Module


Provide your customers a highly personalised service, offering them only the appropriate payment and shipping methods for their order by restricting the methods based on a range of options.

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Sharplogicians Payment & Shipping Restrictions Extension for Magento offers you the unique opportunity to provide a highly personalized service to your customers and present them with only the appropriate payment methods and shipping methods based on a variety of factors that you are able to define based on your needs, such as their location or the contents of their cart. For example, use this extension the next time that you run a special free shipping promotion where customers are able to benefit from first-class shipping at no cost if they buy products over a certain price, you are able to create a rule which will automatically offer the right shipping option to eligible customers.

Give your international customers the ease of seeing the appropriate shipping methods for their location and region or country-specific payment methods. In certain cases, you are able to ensure that you don’t over commit to any customers who may live somewhere you are unable to deliver certain products or services, saving customers from unnecessary disappointment and a tedious refund process.

Not every product on your store weighs the same? Use our many detailed conditions and rules to ensure that you are not losing out on your bottom lines by shipping an oddly sized product for the same cost of a regular product.

Key Features

  • Restrict Payment Methods & Shipping Methods with ease: Toggle our extension on/off at any time from your Magento Administrator panel, allowing you to restrict payment methods and shipping methods of your choice as and when you need.
  • Create an unlimited number of rules: You can create as many rules as you need, selecting a variety of options such as customer attributes or subtotal, to restrict certain payment methods and/or shipping methods based on your store’s needs.
  • Make your rules as specific as your needs: With the option to add multiple conditions to a single rule and our detailed options, you are able to tailor your store only ever provide the right options to the right customers. You can also select multiple payment methods and shipping methods for a single rule, altogether meaning that you do not have to repeat yourself just to ensure that your customers are offered the appropriate payment and shipping methods.
  • No need to create a new rule for every method: As you are able to add multiple conditions to a single rule and select multiple payment and shipping options for each rule, there is no need to create a new rule for every method that you want to restrict. This greatly streamlines the process of restricting payment and shipping methods for your customers and cuts downtime for when you are updating your store.
  • Define how multiple rules work together: Each rule is set to a priority of your choice and you are able to toggle further rule processing on/off, meaning that if you have multiple rules in place, you can make them work together and ensure the right ones are applied in the right situation.
  • Multi-Store Friendly: Running multiple stores? You can easily implement the restrictions that you need to on a store-wise basis, as and when you need.

Business Value

Make your store work the way you want to by implementing the Sharplogicians Payment & Shipping Restrictions extension for Magento that allows you to present your customers with the type of customized options you might otherwise have only been able to offer through a human salesperson at a brick-and-mortar store. Our extension allows you to create a wide variety of conditions and rules to define the specific payment methods and shipping methods available to specific customers.

This allows you to easily implement common incentives such as free shipping over a specified total, or region-specific payment methods for customers from all over the world, as well as more complex offers for your customers with ease and simplicity. Your business will no longer have to rely on a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to offering customer’s payment methods and shipping methods specific to their situation, helping you provide a much more personalized service to all of your customers.


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