Magento 2 Shop By Brand Module


Organise your catalogue by brand and offer your customers the ease of navigation to find the products that they want. Create distinct Details and Landing pages for each brand.

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For stores selling multiple brands, being able the organize all of their products by the brand is an essential tool in ensuring that their customers are able to view the products that are relevant to them. The Sharplogicians Shop by Brand Extension for Magento allows for the classification of all products by brand, the creation of unique brand Details and Landing pages, as well as the use of a slider tool to display products from a single product anywhere across the website.

For example, for a store that sells multiple brands, it would be able to use the Sharplogicians Shop by Brand extension for Magento to organize its products by each brand that it sells. Each brand could have its own distinct Details and Landing page and users would be able to navigate to learn more about the brand and view all of its products.

Business Value

Create Distinct Brand Spaces

By creating unique Brand Details Pages and Brand Landing Pages for each brand of product that you sell, you are able to create a dedicated space to showcase all the products for each brand. These pages can be completely customized, with their own images, descriptions, titles, and layouts to create a consistent branding experience for your customer. By creating an exclusive space for each brand, you broaden your target market by not being limited to a single products page that has to cater to all of your visitors. Every type of customer has its own space for the brands that they want to buy.

Vary Your Marketing By Brand & Landing Pages

By using SEO-friendly URLs for each of your brand pages, you open yourself up to a host of marketing opportunities. Having more, specified pages helps you target a variety of different potential customers.

Upsell Products Of The Same Brand

Using features such as the Brand Slider and filter functions, you can upsell products of the same brand to customers who are already looking to buy from that brand.

Improve User Experience & Searchability

Organizing products by brand allows for a much easier navigation experience for your customers as they can go straight for the products that they are interested in and don’t have to look through the rest of your catalog. Filter functions allow for further distinction between products.


  • Design a distinct identity for the brand: Create a unique identity for the brand by creating a Brand Details Page and a Brand Landing Page for the brand, providing a dedicated space to display all products from a single brand. Set an image to easily identify the brand and add details such as descriptions and unique page layouts for attention to detail. Filters help customers find exactly what they’re looking for.
  • Enhance visibility through SEO friendly URLs: Create a simple SEO-friendly URL to boost your visibility online and help your customers find the products that they are looking for.
  • Easily categorize your products by brand: Easily organize the products in your inventory by brand by setting their respective brand as a product attribute.
  • Ease of navigation makes it easy to find the brand you want: Products are not confined to the brand pages alone; you can add them to product pages as well to ensure ease of browsing and cohesive user experience. Use the brand slider to showcase selected products in as visually captivating format to catch the attention of those interested in the brand. The slider can be added to any of your pages as a widget to draw in customers from anywhere on the website you think they will be looking.
  • Create a slider to display the brands on any page: Create a Brand Slider to showcase selected brands in an aesthetically appealing and concise format. Use it to allow for easy navigation of the brand’s products and to upsell products from the same make by placing the slider on related pages. You can use the slider as a widget to add it to any of the pages.
  • Easy to use: Hit the ground running with your marketing operation as the Sharplogician’s Shop by brand Extension for Magento is simple to operate to ensure that you spend more time selling and less time setting up!


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