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Magento 2 Supplier Low Stock Alert Module


Run a smooth supply chain and minimise delays in deliveries. Set a minimum stock level for all your products and send notifications out directly to the supplier when stock runs low.

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Make sure that your supply chain is running as smoothly as possible and minimize delays in deliveries with the Sharplogicians Supplier Stock Alert extension for Magento. Define a minimum stock level for your products and delegate all products to individual supplier profiles. Alerts will be sent out to both yourself and the supplier as soon as product dips below your minimum threshold, with alerts being sent out at the time and frequency of your choosing.

For example, when one of your products drops below the minimum stock level that has been set, an alert can be sent out to both the supplier and internally within your company. These alerts will be sent out as frequently as chosen, and at the time of your choosing. The content of the alert itself can be fully customised to ensure that only the relevant information is delivered.

Business Value

Low stock and no stock issues can be alleviated by the Sharplogicians Supplier Stock Alert extension for Magento by ensuring that all key persons in your supply chain, both internally and externally, are informed on a regular basis about all products running low on stock. It gives your suppliers a good heads up about any products that need to be reordered. This ensures supplies can be made available, therefore minimizing any issues with availability so that your online sales carry on smoothly. The least possible number of customer orders need to be cancelled or due to stock levels, significantly increasing customer satisfaction and both return/referral rates.


  • Stock alerts for key persons in your supply chain: Choose to deliver stock alerts to either to yourself, suppliers or just one of the two.
  • Send alerts directly to the email addresses of your choice to ensure that all key actors in your supply chain are kept apprised of any products running low.
  • Define a minimum stock level for your products: Set the minimum level at which a product is seen as being low on stock, and an alert is sent.
  • Customise your suppliers and their products: Add individual supplier profiles, which can be fully customised.
  • Add the email addresses to which alerts are to be sent, and delegate products from your catalogue to each supplier to ensure that they receive the appropriate alerts.
  • Design alerts to deliver important operational information: Build informative email templates to be sent out as alerts, with a fully customisable email body.
  • Easily toggle on/off options to enable information that is delivered as part of the alert, such as product numbers and names.
  • Daily reports on all products running low on stock: Receive reports with a list of all products from your catalogue that are dropping below your minimum stock levels to have a regular snapshot of the stock levels of your products.
  • Set the frequency and timings of alerts: Choose the time and frequency of stock reconciliation and alerts to ensure that you receive alerts as frequently as you need.


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