Magento 2 Top Banner Module


A powerful tool to design a variety of eye-catching banners for your store, grabbing the attention of the customer and delivering key information at a time and place of your choosing on the store.

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Sharplogician’s Top Banner module for Magento is a powerful tool to design a variety of eye-catching and informative banners for your store. Grab the attention of your customers and deliver key information to any range of customers visiting your store with ease. The Top Banner Module can be used by beginners with minimal coding knowledge and is able to place a banner in a variety of different locations on the page, as well as the schedule for it to be displayed for a set period of time, quickly and simply allowing you to manage any banners on your page.

For example, using the Sharplogicians Top Banner Module for Magento makes it possible to place banners in specific pages of the website or otherwise throughout the website. This makes your customers aware of any special promotions that you might be running by either informing them or providing them with a voucher code which can be used when checking out from the store.

Key Features

  • Create  Beautiful Banners:  Create a vast range of beautiful and informative banners for all occasions Use the Top Banner module to create either simple text-based banners to inform your customers of a promotion or advertise a product, or use it to deploy stunning image banners across areas of your website to provide a visually appealing message to your customers.
  • Target Specific Customers: Channel your banner-based advertising campaign in the right direction for best results, with the Top Banner Module, you are able to assign your banners to multiple CMS, product or category pages to ensure that the right customers are viewing the message that you are putting across.
  • Point Customers in the Right Direction: Directly guide customers towards the product or page that you are promoting with the banner by integrating a link into your banner, greatly increasing the response to your banner.
  • Fully Customizable: Able to work for you in a variety of scenarios, the Top Banner module can be used to design basic HTML-based banners or otherwise image files which can be uploaded. These banners can then be assigned to specific pages within the website to target certain segments of your customers or throughout the website for a more broad audience, and the banners can be displayed in a variety of predefined layout positions on your pages of choice.
  • Be on Time: Specific banners can be enabled for specific times, ensuring that the respective reaches of your seasonal promotions are maximized throughout the relevant time-period, however, customers are not misled by any banners appearing when they should not be.

Business Value

By delivering key information regarding any new products, promotions or changes to the customers in an easy to view and simple to process format, it is possible to increase conversion rates and maximise business by giving the customers something, such as a voucher code or promotion, to stay on and buy something or drive traffic to a new product by making them immediately aware of it.


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